The www.njmcdirect.com website was created specifically for the New Jersey courts. This website is specially designed for New Jersey residents who want to check their current traffic information and parking tickets.


If you live in New Jersey, you can easily find ticket information on this page. Read this page to gain more respect for NJMCDirect.

If we defy the rules, we have to pay compensation for it, which is set by the government. Paying fines is the most difficult task we want to accomplish in court to pay this fine, which is the most difficult and time-consuming method.



How does the district court enforce the fine?

New Jersey law enforcement agencies that sit in county courts allow you to pay a parking ticket online.

How is my ticket reported online in New Jersey?

Allows New Jersey residents to view their New Jersey tickets on the official NJMCDirect login site on their next visit.

Postpone definition of infringement?

Traffic violations are generally classified as legal or administrative violations, but serious violations such as hitting and running, driving under the influence, and driving in anger (aggressive driving behavior) can be considered serious violations.

If I accidentally lose my sanction check, do you mention the consequences I face?

Failure to pay will lead to criminal proceedings before the municipal court, that is, specialized case evaluation procedures or other criminal fines.

Can I pay for my ticket to New Jersey directly from my phone without going to court?

The NJMC (New Jersey Meadowlands Commission) has a login portal NJMCDirect that visitors can open to pay for their tickets by visiting this official site.

Where is the identification prefix found?

An identification prefix is ​​a number between the judicial code and the real number.

Where I can find the code?

You can view the local court rules here.

I paid for my parking space, but the ticket is showing as pending?

When the payment is complete and the problem persists, you can appeal.